Some Research on the "Right-Wing" Groups

I've been doing some reading on what mainstream media sources are calling "Right-Wing" and "Fascist" groups.  I'm NOT persuaded that the media understand either term, given that they seem to be using them to smear the groups as proto-Nazi "hate" groups.

Hate is a strong word.  It NEVER is applied to Islamicist groups, although they are quite vocal about their hatred of Jews and Christians, often using terms that are vicious, bigoted, and compare those people to apes, slaves, and sub-humans.  At best.

It is common to hear terms that are the Arabic equivalent of the N-word, applied to blacks.

Here's one of the stories that has been cited as a reason for the popularity of the English Defense League (EDL) - understand, I am NOT supporting them, nor am I in favor of their aims.  What I am trying to do is go beyond the vilification of them, en masse, to understand that the truth about their rise, and the reasons for it, may lie in that gray area called reality.  If, in fact, native Brits have been treated as 2nd-class people in their own country, you could certainly understand why they might be resentful about it.  And if that less-favored treatment only extends to the working-classes, and not the elites, it does seem to be doubly unfair.

Here's a video of a Christian church, whose graveyard is being dug up for a mosque.  The real question is, why is this acceptable?  Given the strong feeling in the Christian community about leaving the dead in peace in their graves, it does seem to be unnecessarily provocative.

Here's another provocation - a parade for English returning soldiers - they are being abused by militants.  Note, there is NO adverse response to shouting, pushing, and vile comments.
Note the aggressive actions and postures of these marchers, who push and shove against the Bobbies.  Note, also, that they are using their Pro-Palestinian scarves to disguise their identities.

This is one that has gotten a LOT of attention by the EDL.  Protesting Muslims are burning a giant poppy, symbol of respect for the war dead.  This is a symbol that dates back to WWI.

No-Go Zones?  These are areas that are NOT places where the Natives are tolerated.

Keep listening, when you watch different Youtube videos, for certain Arabic words to keep returning:

  • These are Egyptian:

  • kalb or kalba - bitch

  • gazmaa - shoe (any reference, in the absence of other proof, should be taken to be an insult)

  • kuss unmak - your mother's - um - female part - REAL insulting

  • kaddaab - liar - it is REALLY insulting to call someone this

  • Haraami [pl.] Haraamiyya - thief - don't forget, these are the people who think it's acceptable to cut off the hand of one

  • saafil [pl.] safala - base, loathsome

  • More generally Arabic insults

  • sharmouta - whore - VERY common insult

  •  kuffir or kuffar - infidel - literally, one who rejects Islam.  Has evolved into a slur; often coupled with "dirty" to imply that such a base person has sprung from a debased woman's female parts - a GRAVE insult, as they see it.  Someone so designated is considered to be beneath civilized contact, and deserving of any curse, punishment, cruelty, and lack of respect that the curser deems OK.

  • From Wikipedia:

  • Abid (Arabic: عبد‎, plural Abeed عبيد or El Abeed العبيد) is a derogatory term meaning "slave" used mainly in Arab countries and is usually applied as an insult toBlack people to invoke stereotypes

  • The name has been explained as being an allusion to the submission that Muslims owe to Allah. Meyer dismisses this as "efforts by propagandists" to "explain the term away" that are "at the least, disingenuous".[1]

So, are they choir boys in the EDL?  No.  But, neither should their outrage be ignored.

Neither should mothers - this one the wife of a serving soldier -  be threatened with loss of their children for expressing "unacceptable" thoughts about politics.

I'd like the rhetoric to tone down - on ALL sides.  I'd like all sides to realize that they are NOT the totally innocent victim of "Hate Groups", but may be digging into intolerant positions, based on half-understood "truths".  No single person or group holds revealed truth, or is beyond criticism.  Use of government to suppress criticism is unacceptable.  Labeling of your opponents as RACIST, in the absence of legal proof, is unacceptable.


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