WHY Leftist Goals Aren't Good for America

I've not before found an explanation that better capsulizes the Leftist philisophy, and makes clear why it is NOT sustainable:
The left constantly approaches the economy like it’s a gigantic daycare. When people need something, “all we need to do is share.” If someone has something another person doesn’t, the solution is to have the “teacher” force him to share. This is how liberals approach the economy. But what is lost in this daycare mentality approach is that individuals need to put effort into creating, producing, and selling goods and services. They do not just exist, like a birthday cake that should be cut up and handed to the rugrats on a plastic plate. And liberals don’t notice that after a few semesters, the teacher is really packing on the pounds.

People, the tangible things of an economy don't just materialize.  They come into being because of the hard work of the producers.  If you think that people should just "share" their money, try this:
Here's an experiment - the next time someone says that "we" need to do something about a social problem, say "Great!  I've been hoping you'd agree.  Let's see, that program will cost about 3 billion dollars - you don't think that's too expensive, do you?"  They'll likely say NO amount is too great to solve the problem.  Then respond, "Wonderful!  I'm so glad that you have the commitment to solving the problem.  Your share will be $1000.  I'll take a check."

The concept that there just isn't a fairy godmother, with LOTS of money, who will wave her wand and dole out cash, is lost on many people.  This is a deeply immature mindset.  It is the mindset of one who FEELS poor, but FEELS surrounded by others who have SO much money.  Like the non-birthday girl at a party, she just can't fathom that the birthday child wouldn't want to make her happy by "sharing" some of the gifts - and by sharing, I mean being forced to give them up.


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