"Green Energy"?

MASSIVE failure.

Well, expect for the green that the companies have received in the form of government subsidies and loans.

I used to read Mother Earth News.  I actually put some of their ideas into play.  We recycled, reused, and otherwise followed the conservative - in the sense of conserving resources - guidelines.

We never went full-out and built a model low-energy home.  Lack of funds was largely the problem - instead, we bought used houses - sometimes, VERY used.

The fact is, low-energy, Earth-friendly solutions work best at the consumer level.  Stop energy leaks, keep the heating/cooling minimal, and enjoy the savings.  Don't pay the price for organic food trucked at a great distance - plant a garden.  Don't mandate what materials/energy savings for consumer goods should be - let the consumer decide - whether that's clothing (used is cheaper, and definitely Earth-friendly), appliances, or cars.

Don't subsidize cars marketed to the wealthy - which is what Prius and Volt owners are.

Don't subsidize mass transit that isn't used - consider programs to help working people get a used, reliable car, or lend them money to put one in working order.  Don't demonize the owners of SUVs - many of them need to haul materials or people, or both, in those cars.

In short, stop using the environmental movement as a way to slap around those who don't agree with you politically.


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