Monday, May 23, 2011


I have a relative, who drinks.

A lot.

And has been off-and-on homeless for some time.

He periodically cleans up.  Goes to the VA, dries out.

Then, once sober and beginning to feel better, promptly hits the bars again.  Until he runs out of money, and is on the street again.

I've spent many winters, hating every call that came in - I was always afraid to answer the phone, because I feared that it would be someone delivering the news that he was dead.  Frozen to death.

I really hate those @#$%&(*&^%$## mother-(*&^%$#&ing enabling social workers, who help him apply for money he can qualify for - back vet's benefits, food stamps, whatever.  He just uses any money he gets to drink more.  He's done that perhaps 3-4 times now.

We've talked to them.  Told him that he is NOT responsible enough to resist throwing it all away on drink.  Asking for them to put the money in the hands of someone who will dole it out, a little at a time.

Oh, no - they CAN'T do that.  He's a grown man, competent to handle his money.


If I could, I'd slap them silly.  I'd beat the stupid out of them.  How dare they enable a helpless drunk to kill himself!


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he is not helpless. He CHOOSES this path in life. He prefers coping with life by using the numbing haze. He is using his free will to his own destruction, and there is nothing we can do to change his mind. The battle is between him & Bacchus, and he's losing.

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