Monday, February 07, 2011

Why I'm A Skeptic of Media

Right now, there's a tremendous amount of mis-information floating around about Egypt, and the meaning of the riots.  I'm highly suspicious that they have been "gotten up" by taking a legitimate grievance of the Egyptian people (high prices for food, lack of money to buy it), and using it as a wedge to bring down a government that, while by American standards, repressive, at least functions.  It keeps the peace with Israel, it manages to keep a relatively free society going (relatively free by the standards of the Mideast), and it manages to keep the Islamicists from imposing a theocracy of Sharia, which would have horrible repercussions for the Christians in Egypt.

Why am I so suspicious of media reports?  Because they can be go easily gulled, especially when they want to be.  Some examples:

Folks, I'm all for picking a side, and promoting it.  What I'm against is journalists pretending that they're "on the fence" and "objective", but secretly working for one side.


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