It's Usually the Students Who Play Truant, But...

...this time, it's the teachers who are pretending to be sick, so they can protest against the proposed legislation to take away their collective bargaining rights.

I'm torn.  On one hand, I have to admit that unions do a better job of getting their membership a decent wage than trying to go it alone.

On the other hand, the unions have gotten their guys a MUCH better wage than almost all of the community they work in.  Should they be getting THAT much more money than the parents of the children they teach?

Only if, like doctors, their numbers are so limited that they can charge whatever the market will bear.

Which is NOT the case - too many teachers are unemployed.  If these teachers don't want to work for the money that's offered, there are many who would gladly do so.

In a related note, the Democratic legislators are ALSO playing hooky.  They've left the capital to avoid voting on the proposed legislation.  Without their presence, no quorum.  No quorum, no vote.  Nice way to avoid facing the consequences of democracy, guys.

Shouldn't they just hold their breath until they turn blue?  It's about the same level of maturity.



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