I'm a Science and Tech Geek, But...

There is something solid in what this post says about education - that, without values, all the material things in the world are nothing.

Yes, our kids need to know more science and math before they leave school.  However, what they need even more desperately is some solid values.  No, they don't HAVE to be Christian, but we should stop teaching them that Christian values are just like every other value, and no more important.

It's a sad fact, but a true one, that Christianity is the only religion (OK, Judaism, too) that can't be taught in schools.  Kids can "witness" about their Native American spirits, and what they bring to their life, kids can talk about the practices of Islam, and, in some schools, even get release time during the day to pray.  Time and again, kids are exposed to religions - EXCEPT Christianity.  That's the BIG no-no.

All of this is predicated on the idea that American children are exposed to Christianity through their families - but, that simply isn't true.

Many children are raised with NO exposure to religion.  Mums and Daddums (or Mums and Mums, or Daddums 1 and 2) have conflicts with some aspects of religion, and have chosen to "let the children choose for themselves when they are grown".

Others get a little dose of religion at the holiday time, when Gramps and Nana take them to church.  Sometimes, the parents follow along, rolling their eyes behind the old folks back at how "boring" and "mindless" this superstitious nonsense is.  The kids catch on, and learn to disdain religion, and those who practice it.

Many of these children, when grown, are adrift in a world that, without religion, has lost its meaning.  Some, searching, find a safe haven - they are the ones that "were lost, but now am found".  They will NOT make the same mistake with their own children.

Others may drift into one of the religious substitutes - EST, Transcendental Meditation, Scientology, Goddess worship, etc.

Some, sadly, find Islam - often, one of its more violent forms.

We really do, all of us who are followers of Christ, do more to witness - even, I should say, especially, the Catholics among us.  Catholics are probably the worst at evangelizing - we've been persuaded that it's somehow "not ecumenical".

If you have an interest in Catholic Apologetics (no, we are NOT apologizing for being Catholics, that's the technical term for the methods of defending our faith), try some of these links.

Catholic Apologetics - this site focuses on the Biblical foundations of the Catholic Church - quite comprehensive.

Catholic Apologetics Information - searchable database of topics.

Scripture Catholic - run by John Salza, a layperson who has become an authority on Biblical support for Catholicism.  He also sells his books on site.  He's been on EWTN.  If you scroll down to the bottom of that page, you'll find a lot of resources for the budding apologeticist.  (I think that's a word).

Bellarmine Theological Forum - seems to be rather traditional Catholicism, although not TRAD, if you know what I mean.  Just in line with what the Church teaches.  Check out the video cartoons about 1/3 down the page - they're a HOOT!

Catholic Apologetics Network - I've visited this site often - lots of resources, simple, relatively low-tech (although they have mp3s), easy to navigate.

American Catholic Truth Society - they bill themselves as Your Catholic Apologetics Portal.  And it's true - they have LOADS of links to other sites.



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