What FR#$%^'NG Climate of Hate?

I enjoyed this - it's an illustrated primer of the REAL history of the "climate of hate" - and it WELL precedes the current crime.

I urge everyone to see it - and soak up visually just how vicious the liberals are, when they want to be.  The important thing to remember is that this hate is NOT coming from a fringe - it is coming from open, organized groups, highlighted on the news (as "funny", "cutting edge", and "speaking truth to power"), and NOT condemned by the MSM.

While you're looking around, check out this site.  The money quote:
When one crazed or ideologically obsessed gunman named Jared Loughner  starts shooting in Arizona, people condemn him and start bemoaning the state of their society. How about a place with ten million people like that who are treated as heroes? 



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