Frugality - A Lost Virtue

I teach in a school, and am constantly reminded that frugality is becoming a lost virtue.  This article reminded me of the extent to which that quality formerly reached.

In my own life, I waste money all the time - most of us do.  We buy snacks we don't need (and add to our weight problems), splurge on  toys and entertainment, pay too much because we're in too big a hurry to bargain-hunt, buy convenience foods, and incur charges for doing all that on credit.

It's sloppy money management.  And, although I do make an effort to watch my spending, I'm guilty of wasting money in many ways.

When I hear people talk about how broke they are, and how "someone" needs to give them money, I do question their need, if they have cable, ready-made snacks, junk food, and cell phones in their house.

BTW, all of the above are LUXURIES.



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