Why Reparations is a Bad Idea

It would be lovely if the "bad people" could always be clearly identified.  Maybe they could have some characteristic, like skin color or eye color, that marked them as "bad".

No, that would be racist.

Well, unless that marker were white skin or pale eye color.

That, in a nutshell, is the concept of reparations.  That we can can clearly ID the "bad people" (or, in this case, the descendants of those people).

Even more clearly, that, by virtue of skin color, we could ID the "good people" - those who have been wronged.

Sorry, it's just not that simple.  This post explains why that's so.

Finally, I bring up a point that has apparently not occurred to the reparations yearners - when in your life have you ever found that people of ANY color are eager to give you cash because of your skin color?

What makes you think that will change now?



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