John Derbyshire on Illegal Immigration

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FWIW, I'm with the Derb - illegal immigration isn't a complicated moral issue, it's a relatively straightforward legal one - it's ILLEGAL!

When we catch them, deport them - posthaste!  With their kids - you have two choices here - either you take away their "birthright" citizenship, on the grounds that it was obtained in the course of an illegal act on the part of the parents, or you give the parents two choices:

  • Take the kid(s) with you when you leave - the kid(s) will have an expedited right to apply for return upon reaching 18 - assuming no criminal convictions, ability to support oneself, etc.
  • Leave the kid(s) - we'll arrange for adoption.
Sounds hard-hearted?  Well, yes - IF you think only of the illegal trespassers.  OTOH, if you consider that every border-jumper is taking the food out of the mouths of American citizens, and that the citizens that are losing out are NOT the upper-middle-class, college-educated ones, who is that hurting?

High school drop-outs.  Unskilled workers.  Unemployed workers.  Minorities.

So, if you support illegal trespassers, you hate all of the above.


I couldn't resist this quote from the Derbyshire's post:
The people’s officials should enforce the people’s laws. If they won’t do so, they should be impeached by the people’s representatives. If we hold fast to those principles, we live in a constitutional republic. If we let go of them, we live in a realm of chaos and uncertainty, in which unscrupulous people seize privileges for themselves by fraudulent appeals to low emotion – a rule not of laws, but of men. Is that how we want to live?
Yet Another Update!

Check out this link - to something called Comprehensive Immigration Reduction.

Warning:  the site is pretty hard-core in its opposition to immigration.



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