I Hope My Taxes Didn't Pay For This

A study that claims conservatives are neat and tidy, and liberals are messy draws the conclusion that the conservative vs. liberal study shows that what is valued by them, respectively, is:
stability vs. change, order vs. complexity, familiarity vs. novelty, conformity vs. creativity, and loyalty vs. rebellion
I have more than a few questions about that.  Could it not be that the split is:
knowing where things are vs. throwing everything into the toybox, order vs. chaos, familiarity vs. the attention span of a butterfly, liking organization vs. haphazardness, and simplicity of not searching every time something is wanted vs. childish refusal to put away things and anarchy?
I suspect that the characterizations tell more about the "researcher" than the study ever could.

BTW, I am indeed conservative, and my desk is FAR messier than my liberal husband's.



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