Thanksgiving For All the Following:

This is a great year - for the first time in several years, neither my husband nor I, nor any member of my immediate family, are sick.  So, not only can we enjoy all of the holiday to the fullest, but we won't be infecting anyone else, as well.

I'm thankful for:

  • My family - both immediate and extended, and, of course, those who have become part of my family through bonds of love
  • The troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and all of the other hot spots in the world - I only wish that next year, they may also experience the Thanksgiving holiday with those they love at home
  • The election results - I'm looking forward to applying the reverse pedal to all of the ridiculous spending that has been planned
  • My computers - both the Linux-based PC, and the MACbook - they're working, and they allow me to do all of the work I have (or want) to do
  • Hope - I have some, now, that we we may weather the difficult times without breaking apart, either as a nation, or as a family
  • That I live in America - where I have a life that virtually all of the world's people, past and present, do envy.  May their envy lead them to work for the same rights, freedoms, and conveniences/luxuries in their lives
  • That I can say "Thank God" in public, and not be imprisoned for it
  • That disagreeing with someone politically generally does NOT lead to someone losing their head (at least literally)
  • That I have 5 - yes, five - days off from work - paid, at that
  • That I have so much in my life, that I'm truly stumped when someone asks me what I want for Christmas
  • Good weather in Cleveland and the route back home to SC
  • Enough money to allow us to have a pleasant trip
  • That my biggest problem with food is eating too much, rather than too little
  • That my biggest problem with time is how to find more, rather than how to fill an aimless and empty life

May all of you also have a large list of things to be thankful for.



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