American Idol

Barack Obama is slated to appear before American Idol's Ryan Seacrest today in an apparent effort to drum up the youth vote.

Lots of luck, Mr. President.

That's right, the young people aren't as excited to vote this time, because you haven't made enough trendy appearances. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that you didn't deliver on campaign promises that meant the most to them - jobs, DADT, closing down the War on Terror, environmental issues, making it possible for them to move out of Mumsy and Daddums house, etc.

Ohhhh, no - it was just that they are too mentally feeble ("feebs") to find the spot on the channel changer where REAL presidents appear - the news shows - and needed you to hunt them down on their "fluff shows".

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Good thing you chose Ryan Seacrest - he's used to dealing with overinflated ego-driven divas. You should be right at home.



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