Wisdom From Our Neighbors to the North

I'm going to share only a small part of this TrulyGood-No-ExcellentPost.
Perhaps no other truth rattles the liberal brain as much as the recognition that Fascists, and Nazis in particular, are a Far Left phenomena.
I’m reminded of a skit by the English comedy team, Mitchell & Webb.  In the skit they portray two Nazi officers, one of whom suddenly notices that they all have a skull-and-crossbones on their caps.  “Does that make us the baddies?” he asks.
One may feel a certain compassion for the many liberals who must be feeling varying degrees of cognitive dissonance these days (“We’re the Nazis?  Doh!”). 
Now that the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak, it’s only a matter of time before liberals start rewriting, revising, and otherwise changing, history, in order to paint Hitler as not only misunderstood, but unfairly demonized, as well.  There have already been moves made in that direction.    (Link)
The Liberals will, by and by, no doubt make a semi-saintly icon out of poor ol’ Adolph, and will soon be singing “Deutschland Über Alles,” instead of “Kumbaya,” around the campfire.
Unfortunately for the liberals, this means that they will have give up one of their favorite epithets to hurl at conservatives—“Nazi.”  They can’t continue using the word “Nazi” in a derogatory sense, when it undeniably refers to themselves.  (Link)
Well, actually they can, and will, regardless of the absurdity of such verbal attacks.  Old habits die hard.  (Link)
Truly, y'all gotta read it - it's more common sense than I thought was possible to pack into 1 web page.


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