The "First Dude" on Jon Stewart


That Whirring Sound you hear is the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves.

The PREZ - That DUDE - appeared on Jon Stewart.

That DUDE is complaining that the last 2 years have been more difficult that any time since the Great Depression.


How about that little thing called WWII?

How about the Cuban Missile Crisis?

How about the 60s and 70s, when radicals such as YOUR BUDDY, Bill Ayers, bombed, rioted, and did all that they could to tear down this republic?

How about the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when we were freezing in our homes (thanks, Jimmuh) - I actually had frost on my inside walls in the winter of 1977-78 - and the Whiner in Chief dithered about what to do, what to do.

It wasn't until that - what did they call him? - that COWBOY was inaugurated that the Iranians stopped the party, and released them, pronto. He may have walked tall, but he was also willing to carry a big stick - and they knew that he would use it.

So, the hostages came home.

To return to the DUDE show:

Obama is stuttering, hesitating, meandering around.  He doesn't SOUND presidential.  He sounds like a used-car salesman.

No, that's an insult to used-car salesman.  He sounds like a cheap hustler.

He's still claiming that Obamacare will do all that he promised.  He's talking about "a woman in NH that doesn't have to sell her house to get her cancer treatment".  Not sure if that's a real person.

His posture is horrible.  He slouches, leans on the desk, looks lazy.

Oh-Oh!  He's complaining about the rule that 60 Senators are needed to pass legislation, saying it's ONLY in the rules, not the Constitution.

He's right, but that doesn't tell the whole story.  The reason that 60 votes are needed is that objecting Senators have the right to filibuster - and, he is correct, that is a rule, not Constitutionally mandated.

HOWEVER, filibusters (and the threat of one) are relatively rare.  In my youth, they usually happened when Civil Rights legislation came up.  At that time, a majority of the Senate (but NOT 2/3) wanted the legislation.  The other 1/3 + did not.  It became a tactic that a large minority could (and did) use to keep the majority from running over their objections.  In other words, use of the filibuster forced the majority to compromise - to make modifications to appease a large and vocal minority.

Same way it's used today - although today, it's to keep the Democrats from imposing their will without any regard or input from the Republicans.  For example, ABC News reported that Democrats refused to allow Republicans any say in the negotiations over the Stimulus Bill.

the real negotiations having transpired privately among the White House, the House Speaker’s Office, the Senate Majority Leader’s Office, some committee chairmen and a few key aides and advisers.
The only Republicans involved in most of the talks are the three moderates who voted for the package on the Senate floor. Their votes, of course, are critical to passing the measure.
As ABC’s Z. Byron Wolf points out, back when Democrats were in the minority, they promised open negotiations when they took control of Capitol Hill.
He's now bragging that, with the Health Care bill, he has "put a structure, a framework in place, that will allow us to make progress".

I can hardly wait.




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