This is Scary - And Just in Time for Halloween

Forget the vampires, witches, and ghosts - I'm reading Cruel & Usual Punishment - The Terrifying Implications of Islamic Law.  Talk about scary!

It was written in 2009, long before the Ground Zero Mosque controversy.  Here's what she has to say about mosque-building in non-Muslim countries:
Land acquisition for the purpose of building Islamic institutions is a major priority of the Muslim agenda in the West.  When majority non-Muslims start asking questions and becoming skeptical about the calls for jihad and jihadists using the mosques as a base for their activities, Muslim leadership starts claiming discrimination, racism, and misunderstood religion, suggesting that the host country needs an education in what true Islam and its Sharia mean
Gee, I dunno, that sounds VERY much like the noise being voiced by the Pro-mosque, anti-all-the-rest-of-America.



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