I Just Love Frank!

Some of his gems:
If you told me as a child than in 2010 people would stand hours in line to buy a phone, I would have thought the Soviets had won. 
So is the federal government strategy for the oil leak still to just wait for BP to figure something out?
And this one:

Apparently, Tansocean — the largest offshore drilling contractor — bans its employees from having knives. This nearly killed some people on the BP rig because they weren’t able to cut the rope to a life boat.
Let’s analyze this like like we’re not morons for a minute. You have employees that you don’t trust around sharp objects because you’re afraid they’ll randomly stab each other, but you do trust them to be in charge of equipment that if damages can cause one of the greatest ecological disasters in human history?

Are there really people out there who think that complete psychopaths can function normally in society as long as we keep dangerous objects out of arm’s reach? 
Oh, and, please, PLEASE, read this.



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