Because It's the LAW!

The United States was founded because its inhabitants wanted the rule of law, not the arbitrary decisions of a despot (like, say, King George III).  From 1776, we have always supported changed, PROVIDED it's change that is based on that rule.

That's out.  SO retro.  Thanks to the "Hope and Change" President, we have rule by fiat.

Obama declared that ALL oil rigs should shut down.  And, like Captain Luc Picard, his minions leaped to "make it so".

Until a judge, who firmly believed in that rule of law, said no, you can't do that.  And, when the President again imposed the shutdown, reinforced his ruling.

Checkmate.  Or, as was originally said:
The word checkmate in chess comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat" which means: 'the king is dead.'

NO, I am NOT making a threat against Obama, merely declaring that the judge declared his usurpation of kingly powers is a no-go.

Victor David Hanson has more on this royalist power grab.



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