I'm SURE There Is No Connection

Via Betsy's Page, I found this link:
The Obama administration appointee who would run a proposed subsidy program dubbed "Cash for Caulkers" has intimate ties to a company that has lobbied for the bill and would profit from it.
Al Gore acolyte Cathy Zoi, the Energy Department official in charge of energy efficiency, has testified in favor of the caulkers bill, which the House passed last week. She would administer it if it became law and is married to an executive at a window company that has pushed for this legislation. Zoi, formerly chief executive officer of the Gore-initiated Alliance for Climate Protection, also owns stock options in Serious Windows.
The massive lobbying army backing the caulkers bill, and the conflicts of interest bubbling up behind the scenes, is one more hole in President Obama's sinking claims of being a good-government reformer and a scourge of the special interests.
Why do I care?  Aside from the fact that the money is MY (the taxpayer's) money, it's incredibly hypocritical for the Obama administration to run on the platform of "clean government", free of connections to lobbyists and beneficiaries of government spending, then turn around and do the same - in spades.  Given the huge amounts of money being flung around at present, for "health care" "the environment" and "economic stimulus", the appearance of shady dealings (and the very real likelihood of such shenanigans), should doom the Spendaholics to a one-term time at bat.



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