Will the Tea Parties Succeed?

Well, yes,..., and no.

I don't believe that they will succeed in repealing the Obamacare bill.  Sorry, I'd love for them to do  so, but think it's quite unlikely.  However, the widespread displeasure with the bill may, in the end, lead to a call for free enterprise in the matter.  We may, after Americans have had an opportunity to experience socialized health care, see privatized health care plans again, yet.

So, are the Tea Parties a failure?

No.  Remember, the first actions of the original patriots weren't wildly successful.  They labored for years, without persuading very many beyond the core group.  They persevered.  They continued staying on top of the issues.  They continued talking to other colonists, not to scream at them, but to point out where their self-interest lay.

And, eventually, they began to see their numbers swell.  Finally, they were able to gather together a group of like-minded individuals, and  declare their independence.

If you want to see the likely trajectory of the movement, read a history of Samuel Adams.  He's the one that prodded, wheedled, and promoted the issues, until he patiently cobbled together the core leadership of the American Revolution.  He spent a lot of nights away from home.  He wrote, both letters and public papers.  It was a life's work, getting the revolution to happen.

It takes writers.  It takes talkers,  It takes those guys that can relate to the neighborhood, and work their magic over the kitchen table.  It takes strategists.

The open-air rallies aren't the answer.  They are, however, a part of the strategy.  It's going to take people skills, media savvy, and political awareness, as well as the ability to keep the movement focused on the main ideas.

And it's going to take a lot of time.  This isn't a quick solution.  It needs time to mature, to let the leadership develop.  We can't just impose that leadership by fiat (or Romney might already be in charge), or let the most media-telegenic take over.  It has to be a team effort.



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