Rounding Third

Against all odds, I've survived the year, and will be done with school in just about another month.  Due to financial concerns, many schools are either NOT hiring, or will be hedging their bets until later in the spring.  So, my future is still up in the air.

Fortunately, other facets of my life are going well.
  • DH and I are getting along better - he has accepted that we have to spend some getting-to-know-each-other time-again this summer, and we're both looking forward to finding out what lies ahead (did I do that correctly?  I'm never sure about lie and lay).
  • The kids are doing well, healthy (reasonably) and, if not rolling in money, at least making the rent.
  • I'm healthy.  Sister is better, although not out of the woods.  One brother is looking VERY well, and, well, haven't heard about any new disasters with the other.
  • Bills situation is OK - we've gotten to the point of having only housing, utilities, and cars to pay.  Mind, those are ridiculously high.
Politically, the nation is experiencing some needed push-back on the part of the citizens.  Whatever you think about the Tea Party activity, it certainly seems to have given the average citizens motivation to interest them in affairs of state.



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