The Dali Lama

Much has been made of this picture of the Dali Lama exiting the White House.  From the Christian Science Monitor:

Many media outlets are taking it as an accidental breach of protocol, or as evidence of ineptitude.

I disagree.  Obama didn't want to meet with the Dali Lama; he finally did so, but wanted to signal China that he did so as an obligation, not a choice.  Obama is the master of the deliberate insult, delivered without speech.  Who can forget his signal of disrespect to Hillary Clinton (April 17, 2008)?

Or, to John McCain (November 3, 2008)?

Obama is a mean, petty, classless man.



Dr.D said…
As you said, the man has no class at all. This is not the man we want to represent America. Honor and responsibility are not in his lexicon.

He is just one more Chicago thug, and he needs to go back to the gutters where he belongs.
Anonymous said…
Then what does this say about Bush?

Are you and your commenters really that dumb, or are you just hypocrites?
Dr.D said…
It it amazing the fakery that can be accomplished with modern digital techniques? Anonymous 2:19 has just given us a crude example; actually much better can be done by people who know their craft a bit better.

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