The End of a LONG Week

Nothing major wrong - just tired, a little overwhelmed at work, and not as much energy as I'd like.

I will have to do a lot of work this weekend on school stuff - lesson planning, organizing, getting up to speed on Chemistry, and, alas, grading (my least favorite thing to do).  I also want to spend some time on the Rock Hill home, as well as catch up on online pursuits - my web pages, setting up a schedule for posting, etc.

Here I am at work - obviously, I must have been having a good time.  Well, I probably was, but I don't remember the exact circumstances of the photo.

Life's not bad - I have the usual worries about the well-being of various family members, occasional moments of minor disaster (like the plumbing emergency that pretty much wiped out our emergency fund), and the normal ups and downs of life.

I've enjoyed watching the Brown election - I really like the fact that the electorate delivered a long-needed message to Washington - maybe they'll stop ruling like the hereditary elite, and come down to Earth with the rest of us.



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