Are You Smart...Or SMART!

Boy, oh, boy, this post is pure gold.   There is a huge cult following of the Lead Liberals - people hang on their every pronouncement, echo it immediately, and indulge in derisive laughter at the "dummies" that don't instantly grasp the - well - INTELLIGENCE of those LLs and every pearl that drops from their LLs (Liberal Lips).

It reminds me of middle school - you remember middle school, don't you?  There were the LLs of that time period (Lead Ladies), and - OOOOH, if you happened to get on their wrong side - well, lemme just say, life suddenly became Not Worth Living.

They couldn't just let you disagree with them - no, they had to annihilate you, drive you to your knees in worship of them, then direct their minions to kick you to death.  They wouldn't rest until you were a bleeding, quivering, snotty-nosed little pulp.  At which time, they would graciously let you live, but never pass you without delivering a squelching remark, which their GGs (Gutless Girls) would echo - with additional put-downs.

For most of us, it was a wake-up call into how NOT to treat people.  For some, it was training in their future career - delivering just that RIGHT dismissive remark, with that RIGHT lip curl and eye roll, whenever someone questioned the conventional wisdom.

We call them hangers-on of the LLs.  They're the ones who laughed themselves SICK about Bush's dumbness, about Palin's mistakes, about any conservative who gets caught in any mini-scandal.  Funny, they have a remarkably blind eye to actual CRIMES, like perjury, sexual harassment of interns, unauthorized contact with foreign governments, shady dealings that result in massive amounts of money in their bank account, and bribery of legislators to vote their way.



Be not afraid, dear. They will be taught their lessons in the hardest of schools.

November is only 10 months away.

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