Yeah, Northern Cold is Just Like That

I read this post from American Digest, and almost spewed my coffee:
In New England in December the cold does not come in on little cat feet. Instead some mountain god of the great north woods throws open the door to Canada late one night. When you step out the next morning your scrotum promptly goes into hibernation somewhere around your arm pit. The cold gets hammered down tight. And it stays that way. Until, oh, somewhere in the middle of March.
I have to say, Walmart DOES have very inexpensive stuff. Of course, you get what you pay for; the long-sleeved turtleneck shirts were thin, shrunk up about 3 inches (I really need the length, particularly in the arms), and, well, lost a little color. But, for $3 - yes, that was three dollars - they served me well if they only lasted 1 season. Sometimes, you just need something for the short term - like clothing for when you're gaining or losing weight, or pregnant, or for kids. Who needs the quality for a few months or less?



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