More Alliance of Anti-Semitism with Islamicist Goals

More nonsense from the Leftists that blindly support Islamicist Fascists as "freedom fighters", while condemning Israelis as "racist thugs". Do they actually realize that in most Islamic countries, slavery is LEGAL?

Further, that anti-woman, anti-feminist attitudes are rife throughout the Islamic world? Read a harrowing story about an Turkish-German woman who experienced the horror of seeing an abused Turkish girl she was counseling shot before her eyes, in an attack that nearly killed her. She recently wrote a book, Islam Needs a Sexual Revolution, that has brought death threats to her (and when you receive Islamicist death threats, take them seriously!).

She also makes an important point about the difficulty that girls face in leaving their abusive families:
Social workers will help her start a new life. She cannot risk any contact with her family. But, we come from tribal culture. We have not learned how to be or live alone. Individualism is not valued. You are nothing without your family. But some very high-profile honor murders in Germany were due to re-establishing contact with a dangerous family. Often, the mothers would give their daughters a sob story to lure the girls home. The girls returned and were murdered. But your question is important. Some shelters offer only a nice place to stay, and that’s not enough, not even if you have the best furniture.
I think that's an important point that is not well understood by Western women - the belief that you can't make it on your own - that's a cultural foundation that is hard to overcome.



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