Home Again

I'm still off work - nasty cold - and am enjoying catching up on reading. Several posts have caught my eye:
  • This post, by Jeanette Pryor, addresses my concerns about the Obama speech at West Point.
  • Download the pdf of this report - I'm still plowing my way through it, but it's been worthwhile.
  • Sometimes wonder why Afghanistan is a mess?  Wonder no longer.
  • Why is the pastor surprised?
    in Muslim states the law of Islam can be enforced not only by the state, but by groups or by Muslim individuals. In Pakistan, Christians fear prosecution on trumped-up charges for blasphemy, but they also fear the punishment that is often meted out to them informally, by Muslims in a fury. And in the lawless or government-less conditions of wartorn Afghanistan and Somalia, the Taliban, and the Shebabe, mete out their own punishments, according to the Shari'a, confirming that the hudud is, for those Muslims who are most deeply and fanatically Muslim, still the law - the law of Islam if not the law of the land.
I'll keep reading, and post more lists of what catches my eye later; I may just mark them to be posted later in the week.



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