What Fort Hood Tragedy Means

Individually, many Muslims are just what their defenders say - peaceful, normal people, with families that are very like our own.

However, thanks to the aggressive proselytizing of some violent, antisemitic, medieval-minded adherents, the world is seeing outbreaks of violence, and the "peaceful" types are not acting to stop their influence.

They are sitting in mosques where hate is spewed, and not leaving.

They are listening to Arabic cable that is virulently hateful to Jews, and not turning off the channel.

They are allowing family and friends to froth against the country they live in, and not saying "enough!"

Passively standing by and letting fanatics take over is not a good strategy. Ask any German who lived through the Nazi era.

We have to use this moment to draw the line in the sand. We have to say, "no more" to hate disguised as religion.

If you can't live in this country peacefully, leave now.

If you can't allow the traditions of free speech, freedom of religion, and a free press to touch your existence, leave now.

We won't stop you, I promise.

But, if you stay, and continue your assault on America, I will work to stop you.


Dr.D said…
I think it has to go a lot further than that. I think izlam has to be criminalized. We have to tell muzlims to repudiate it completely or leave the country. There should be no mosques and no izlamic organizations in the USA.

This is a religio-political organization, not all that different from the communist party which we once banned. They are set on world domination, and we simply cannot allow them to live among us. It is not a case of "all religions are equal"; this one is definitely different, and cannot be considered in the same way. No one can say that the Bible is a script for world conquest, but no one seriously disputes that the koran is just that. That is a big difference.

It is delusional to ignore a repeated threat from someone who says that he is going to force you to convert or be killed. We have been warned over and over. If we continue to embrace this snake, it will surely bite us and we will wake up dead.

We all known "moderate muzlims" that seem like nice folks. It does not matter. They all subscribe to the koran, and the koran is clear. How often do you hear "moderate muzlims" speak out against things like what has happened at Ft. Hood? They rarely, if ever, do. They can't. They would be considered apostates within their own group, and that would condemn them to death within izlam (the religion of peace, don't ya know?). The most they can do is to remain silent which is to approve the violence. Every jihadi seems like a nice guy, until the moment he turns on you. (Remember the MDs in Glasgow, wasn't it, that carried bombs to the airport? Good folks!) Moderate muzlims simply do not count!

Izlam must be removed from the USA.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Dr. D - you're aware that this country was FOUNDED on religious freedom. Way to spit in the faces of every person who created, fought and died for it.

It's bigoted anti-Americans like you who are destroying this country in a way Islam never could.

The ONLY way America dies is if its principles die. And it looks like you're leading the charge to kill it.

Look in the mirror - it's YOU who hate American and YOU who is the threat.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'd be remiss not to compliment Linda on ratcheting down the hysteria and writing a rational post.

In every society/group/religion there are bad people. Lumping everyone together is irresponsible and hateful.

Fight the evil ones. Embrace all the others.
Dr.D said…
@ Anonymous

No, you have missed the point. This country was founded on freedom of religion. Izlam is founded on the idea that it will subjugate all people to itself. Now, do we defend the US by embracing izlam, or do we defend the US by rejecting izlam?

Izlam is much more than a religion. The religious side of izlam has been described as simply the beard on what is a complete way of life, a political, legal, religious, economic, social, philosophical system. Can we defend the American way of life by allowing izlam to come in and take over America as is it stated objective? It is simple blindness to think we can.

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