Fighting Voter Fraud

I found this link at The NextRight, David Kralik's Blog. It demonstrates 4 easy ways to fight an all-too-common problem in American elections - voter fraud.
Republican candidates who get screwed in elections by Democrat / Leftist / ACORN voter fraud is so common that its deserving of its own Wylie Coyote routine.

This year, its time we stand up and fight.

We can send Jon Corzine packing this year if we prevent him & the New Jersey political machine from stealing yet another election.

The same goes for a myriad of other races today.

So, today we fight back.

And we fight back with Web 2.0.


Anonymous said…
Find me one single instance of a fraudulent ACORN registration becoming a fraudulent vote.


It doesn't take a genius to see that ACORN registered people fraudulently not because of some insidious "Democratic/Leftist" plot, but simply because they were paid by the number of registrants they turned in. And ACORN - BY LAW - was required to submit every registration card they were given.

But registration fraud does not equal vote fraud.

Of course you don't want to hear that. You'd rather parrot another right wing talking point than actually critically think about the non-issue.

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