Untangling the Obama Alliances

One thing that many Obama supporters don't realize is the extent of his ties to undemocratic organizations - that is, organizations that have a political agenda and a goal for the future of America, that is designed to fundamentally change the fabric and structure of our country. Many such organizations clothe their underlying purposes with vague, bland talk about "helping poor and working-class people". HOW they plan to help them is clouded in secrecy.

Big Government has a breakdown of that entanglement for one such supporter - the Working Families Party. Why are those ties important?
An important point needs to be made here. President Barack Obama and the Working Families Party are Democratic Socialists.

This is not meant as a judgment. It is simply a fact which the politicians involved with the Working Families Party group should be made to own.

As I have written previously, this is not some kind of neo “Red Hunt”. Not only is that not the point, there is nothing much to hunt. These relationships are out in the open. The point is that the American people have a right to know about the background of a political party to which the President of the United States belongs, and the so-called mainstream media have completely failed the nation in this simple task.
Now, is this Red-Baiting?

No. Big Government just states the facts. The organization work together on goals, they even share the same addresses, for crying out loud!

How can I be sure that this isn't just made up scare tactics?

I formerly attended (and graduated) from a VERY progressive college. I spent quite a lot of time with these people - many of whom were my professors, and the students they influenced. They weren't personally BAD people; they were kind, caring, and supportive of me. But, due to prolonged exposure, I became very familiar with their thinking. I learned how they operated - under the radar, using others in alliances to achieve their aims. They encouraged their students to lead the charges, with the goal of adding more foot soldiers to the cause of change.

They assigned readings in leftist books; they placed them in community organizations; they helped them find internships with leftist groups. One of my friends from college was given MUCH assistance in writing a publishable article, with the help of a professor. On the basis of that assistance, he was able to attend graduate school, and eventually became a Marxist professor (truly - his specialty is Marxism).

Most of them followed philosophies that mirror the Obama allies - socialist, anti-democratic, and with the core desire to completely change American society. I'm not talking about a reform that sweeps out the bad, and keeps the good.

I'm saying that these Obama allies want to completely change the essence of America - politically, economically, religiously, socially, and culturally.

It won't be America anymore.

And I'm against that.


Anonymous said…
Love ya mom, but what these Obama allies want is affordable health care for everyone, food for the hungry clothes for the naked....that sort of thing. In short people to have thier basic needs met. I know many conservatives want the same thing. Where we differ is how we get there.
Anonymous said…
"An important point needs to be made here. President Barack Obama and the Working Families Party are Democratic Socialists.

This is not meant as a judgment. It is simply a fact..."

Uh, no it's not. Don't be disingenuous and try to pretend that it is.
Linda said…
I'm all for food for the hungry, and clothes for the poor.

Providing the person wanting it pays for it themselves, or with money that is donated - freely.

I'm against holding a figurative gun to the head of those that worked for the same, and forcing them to give to those who want these things without paying for them.

On the streets, that's called theft.

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