Goodbye, France!

There has been much discussion about France on the web. France is an epicenter of Muslim activity in Europe. Jihad Watch has a poignant essay about the decline of France:
And then you learn what Jacques Chirac -- who now has a Muslim grandchild himself -- and Dominique de Villepin, do not wish you to learn. For if you did, you might be very angry. You discover that 1 out of every 3 babies born in France today is a Muslim baby. And that means, in 20 years, one of every three 20-year-olds in France will be a Muslim twenty-year-old. And that means, twenty years after that, at present rates of reproduction, France will have a majority Muslim population. Where shall we hide the statues from Marly-le-roi? And the Venus de Milo? And what about all those paintings of animated life -- all those portraits in the Louvre, and the Grand Palais, and the Musée Guimet down there in linden-lined Aix, and everywhere else in art-filled artful France, mère des arts, des armes, et des loix -- that are absolutely forbidden according to the immutable strictures of the Qur'an. Should they be sent for safekeeping to those Americans across the seas? By then most of the Jews in France will have left, gone across the oceans for their own safekeeping, to Israel or to English-speaking Canada (they were worried about the Muslim population of Quebec, you see, which had been allowed to grow under the Province of Quebec's policy of encouraging francophone immigrants, preferring North Africans to potential immigrants from Italy, Greece, Spain), and above all, to America. What luck those Americans have had. No more bequests to France by the likes of the Rothschilds, or Nissim Camondo. No more Donations from another Pierre Lévy. Enjoy the Kufic calligraphy; some find it endlessly fascinating.
What is France without her art? Is she still France?


A_Nonny_Mouse said…
Wow. Never thought it out that far.

The religion of "no representations of people", the religion of "if it's not in the Koran we must destroy it", the religion of "if it doesn't further Islam it's evil" will surely destroy what we consider to the the greatest art ever produced by the West.

But France can't even call the perpetrators of the daily carbeques anything more descriptive than "youths". Unless they can find the grit to discuss the societal downside of Islam, they are indeed doomed.

I don't hold out much hope, since the EU seems to insist on Muslimizing its captive populations as quickly as possible.
Anonymous said…
It's sad that you're all terrified of a religion you know nothing about.
Linda said…
Nothing about? Far from it. I've known Muslims, of different varieties, and different countries, for over 50 years. (The family that lived two doors down the street from us when I was a pre-teen were Muslim - the youngest child, a boy, was named Muhammed) Some, I've been friends with; others, merely acquaintances.

I formerly lived in Cleveland's "Muslim Central" - the West Park area of Cleveland, right next to Lakewood, where the numbers of Muslims are growing exponentially.

Yeah, I know Islam. I consider it one of many religions that grew out of the Mediterranean region, not more important, not less. Its followers are often captive to despotic leaders, who choose to impose their beliefs upon the population, by force if necessary.

Although some Christian leaders did similar things in the past, let me remind you that it was in the long-ago past. Today's Christians are tolerant - to a fault.

Not so Muslims. Too many want to impose Sharia upon the rest of us. I'm against that.
Anonymous said…
"Today's Christians are tolerant - to a fault."

That is the single funniest thing I think I've ever read in 38 years.

Tolerant? Of what? Gay marriage? A woman's right to choose? Immigration? Birth control?

If you knew the first thing about Muslims, you'd realize they're peaceful people who don't follow Sharia to the letter of the law anymore than Christians follow the Bible to the letter.
Linda said…
Well, I have to say that you don't know what you're talking about.

Intolerant of gays? That's a laugh. Name me a state that routinely hangs gays - as do many Sharia-ruled countries.

Intolerant of "women's right to choose"? Not only are those opposed trying to work the system legally (with only a few exceptions), they are there to provide for the women who wake up and decide to keep their babies. Under Sharia, such "adulterers" (even the single ones) are stoned after their children are weaned.

Intolerant of immigration? No, we have PROCEDURES to immigrate. If someone follows them, they are welcomed into the country. We even have provisions for welcoming them into the family of Americans. You should see the naturalization ceremonies - they are beautiful, and a veritable United Nations.

We DO oppose border-jumping. In our country's experience, too often the criminal's reason for not going through the proper process is that he/she is a criminal, gang member, or coyote - to name just some of the illegals' background issues.

Feel free to come - BUT with the proper documents.

Intolerant of birth control? Not likely - despite a few pharmacists deciding that their deeply-held beliefs won't permit them to sell the items, birth control is freely available throughout the US.

If you mean intolerant that some of us don't want to pay for another's birth control, well, that's often true.

You want it, pay for it. Condoms are cheap, as is contraceptive foam. The two used together are nearly fool-proof.

Nearly. As we all know, when a strategy is found that is fool-proof, God just makes bigger fools.

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