ACORN Under Another Skirt

If you don't already read Big Government, add it to your RSS feed. It's jam-packed with information about how the leftist organizations are conspiring to steal money from the rest of us. They're the ones that first aired that video of the ACORN sting - where 2 filmmakers posed as a pimp and his "lady", and recorded ACORN employees assisting and abetting that supposed criminal enterprise (which involved prostitution of teens). No moral objections, just "we're here to help".

Right now, there's more investigative reporting of the intertwined connections between ACORN and the Working Families Party, SEIU, and other groups that are trying to pick the American taxpayer's pocket under the guise of helping the poor. They aren't even trying to provide the services they promised, they are just grabbing the money and running.

It's a classic operation of a criminal enterprise.


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