Long Time, No Blog

I've been busy with LIFE. We're still semi-nomadic, living 3-5 days a week in motels. We've made an offer on a trailer; we've reserved the site with a deposit. The financing is still in the air.

We're maintaining our sense of humor and well-being. We're ramping up the anti-stress vitamins, drinking herbal tea (well, I am - the DH is still a cola addict), and generally trying not to let the uncertainty get to us.

I'm still involved with politics (it is, in my case, an unstoppable compulsion), particularly with immigration. The health care issue has taken a front seat, as has cap & trade. But fighting the encroaching throngs of illegal immigrants from overtaking our country remains a perennial - unfortunately. It's even more important to resist the flood of aliens, given that our president, and his party, think our country should welcome them with open - and cash-laden - arms.


Dr.D said…
I hope you get something settled soon. This is not good for you to have this level of instability, as I'm sure you are aware. Chin up!

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