High School Reunion

I'm getting ready for a get-together with my high school class - it's 40 years since we graduated.

Unfortunately, none of the friends I was close to in high school will be there. They have had life issues, conflicts with other obligations, and such. I'll miss them.

I'm hoping that this will be a reunion that I'll remember fondly. I wasn't exactly Ms. Popularity in high school. In fact, I was kind of a dork - and not a happy one. I desperately wanted to be cool and popular. Which, to be honest, I had no hope of being.

What IS great is that my life after high school has been, generally, great. I've been married for 35 years, have great kids and grandkids, and have been successful in my career. I have no complaints.


Dr.D said…
Go and have a good time. I have been to a number of my high school reunions, including my 50th last fall, and they were all just great.

One of the best things is that people change, in most cases for the better. The folks who would not give you the time of day in high school will be really quite decent now. The high society kids from high school will be in pretty sad shape in many cases, the cheerleaders looking less than beautiful, and the football players a bit heavy.

I hope you have a great time and really enjoy yourself. I know that I have, and my wife of many years, who came from far away, had had a wonderful time as well.

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