A Sensible Word About Gay Marriage

First time I heard anyone besides me make this argument.
First of all, fools, the courts in California are not the enemy. Courts do not legislate, no matter what Sondra Sotomayer thinks. Courts decide, based on the rule of law, whether legislation passed by the voters or enacted by elected legislators is constitutional and valid. That’s what the court in California did: affirming the constitutionality of a measure Democrats in California passed in large numbers while electing Dr. Utopia president.

Yes, fools, DEMOCRATS, not Republicans, are to blame for Prop-8.

No matter how many times Tom Hanks and the Hollywood crowd tries to tell you differently, Dr. Utopia won California by a healthy margin in 2008. Prop-8 passed on the same day by a healthy margin. 85% of Dr. Utopia’s black supporters also voted for Prop-8, more than any other group who supported the measure. 95% of those black voters in California are Democrats.

Democrats, Democrats, Democrats.
That's the way to put the smack down on them, Hillbuzz!


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