Just Because You Call a Tail a Leg...

...doesn't make it a leg - Abraham Lincoln, on the folly of substituting wishes for reality.

The post by Spengler (David Goldman) in First Things, skewers the wishful thinking of many of the Obamaniacs.
has given us cosmetic solutions that we might call civitaplasty, turning a terrorist gang into a state; fiducioplasty, making a bunch of bankrupt institutions look like functioning banks; creditoplasty, making government seizure of private property look like a corporate reorganization; matrimonioplasty, making same-sex cohabitation look like a marriage; and interfecioplasty, making murder look like a surgical procedure.

There is a consistent theme to the administration's major policy initiatives: Obama and his advisors start from the way they think things ought to be and work backwards to the uncooperative real world. If reality bars the way, it had better watch out.
I'm all for positive thinking. But, the end result should bear some resemblance to reality.

And the smoke-and-mirrors makeover of our economy doesn't.


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