"If You Go Any Further, You Will Die"

What is London like, now that there are many Muslims from other countries?

Has it become an Islamic paradise, filled with the richness of Muslim learning and intellectual philosophy?

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2008, a group of just under 100 people—Londoners and a few visitors —took a guided tour of the old Jewish East End...

The tour was abruptly terminated when the group was pelted with stones, thrown by “youths”—or to be slightly less evasive, in the current euphemism of Fleet Street, “Asian” youths. “If you go any further, you’ll die,” they shouted, in between the flying rubble.

A New Yorker who had just moved to Britain to start a job at the Metropolitan University had her head cut open and had to be taken to the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel, causing her to miss the Holocaust Day “interfaith memorial service” at the East London Central Synagogue. Her friend, Eric Litwack from Canada, was also struck but did not require stitches. But if you hadn’t recently landed at Heathrow, it wasn’t that big a deal, not these days: Nobody was killed or permanently disfigured. And given the number of Jewish community events that now require security, perhaps Her Majesty’s Constabulary was right and these Londoners walking the streets of their own city would have been better advised to do so behind a police escort.

Read the rest- it's both chilling and reminiscent of Holocausts past. I never thought I would see mobs in a modern state screaming "kill the Jews" - but it is happening today.


Larry Durham said…
Hey Linda, I saw your comment at Schlussel...how right you are. I'm a fellow SC blogger (Greenville area: Southernops at DS's site). Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
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