A Case of an "Uninsured" American

I may have been in the statistics as an "uninsured" American. At no time did I lack coverage - I had switched coverage, due to a job change. During that time between jobs, I picked up the COBRA coverage.

However, at both ends, when I first switched to COBRA, and again, when I left COBRA for the new insurance, there was confusion at the providers. Paperwork moved slowly, and, for several weeks, I had difficulty getting prescriptions or doctor's appointments. When I tried, the pharmacy or doctor's office would get "bounced", and told I no longer had coverage. It took multiple phone calls to straighten out the providers.

Part of the problem is that money I sent in for coverage was wrongly applied - they put a double payment on my husband's account, and none on mine. As a result, it looked as though I was uninsured.

How does this affect my reaction to the multiple stories that make the case for one-payer health care?

I'm VERY skeptical - I suspect that many of the sad stories are a little different from the ones that are being reported, just as mine was.

Thanks to Sister Toldjah, where I first read about this avalanche of Dem-mindset.


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