Danger of Carterizing Obama

While I'm human enough to enjoy the spectacle we've all seen for the last 2 weeks (Obama the Anointed stubbing his toes on the foibles of his nominees), by taking too much pleasure in his humbling days, we risk Carterizing Obama.

And that has major dangers, internationally. We cannot afford to have the American President so weakened that it emboldens our enemies. Yes, he needs to have his spanking administered, so thoroughly, that he gets the points - he was elected, not crowned.

On the other hand, we cannot do to him what was done to Bush. If we humiliate him, we risk him trying for international diplomacy, the grand gestures, as a way of saving face. Think what our enemies will do, in that case. We could ALL lose, big.

We can't afford to make him a laughing stock. Yeah, I know, the left had no problem trying to do that with Bush. There is a difference - Bush had sufficient dignity not to cozy up to our enemies, and give away the store. That's the difference between strength, and stubbornness (combined with a thin skin).

Sorry, forgot to credit that link to Power Line blog.


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