Back on the Computer

I've been mainly using my Blackberry for the past several days. Today, at my daughter's house, I finally have access to a computer. It is nice to have a full keyboard. For short bursts, a Blackberry is OK. but, for extended times, you need to get a larger setup.

The political news is not consuming my full attention right now. Until Obama is officially in, all the buzz is just -- air (not unlike a lot of his platform). Once he takes office, I'll see what happens, and comment on it. That's in contrast to the left, who spent most of their time emoting on the POSSIBLE, WIDELY IMAGINED, PROBABLY HORRIBLE POTENTIALLY, MAYBE, NOT TOTALLY WONDERFUL, BUT - OF COURSE - IF SUGGESTED BY A MODERATE REPUBLICAN - SOLELY DESIGNED TO BRING ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD works of the Bush administration.

That exhausted me just writing it.


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