Will Obama Be Audited for Campaign Finance Violations?

Surely you jest!

According to this article from the Washington Post, not bloody likely.
Both parties have filed formal complaints calling on the agency to investigate their rival. Only McCain will automatically be subjected to an audit, because his campaign accepted funds from the Treasury. There is no requirement that Obama's books be audited, and FEC-watchers predicted that it could be tough to find the four votes needed to approve an audit, given that the panel comprises three Republican and three Democratic appointees.

But, of course, in the interests of bipartisanship, which Democrats are so noted for displaying, I'm confident that the required fourth person will step up to the plate, and investigate The Anointed One.


write angle said…
Good Christians Prioritize;
These are the subtle words offered in God’s name to gather his flock from the shadows of an ObamaNation. These words as you read this message are cascading as an avalanche and igniting the atmosphere from Californian to Virgin, from Washington State to Florida, Texas to Main and Alabama to the U-P of Michigan. The subtle messages delivered by the subtle words provided by The Word are President John McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin’s subtle help to continue His work. Subtle words and subtle messages delivered in a mighty President John McCain and Vice President Sara Palin blinding avalanche victory. I thank God to do his work and I want to thank President John McCain and Vice president Sarah Palin for their work for God, Country, me, and mine. God Bless America, God Bless and Save US All. Please excuse my clear lack of humility I pray this will surface as time is of the essence.

Good Christians Prioritize;
If you agree with the thoughts conveyed in these messages forward them to as many people and addresses as you can and encourage every contact to do the same. You never know your effort may make a difference in this presidential election!

Good Christians Prioritize;
All voters participating in the 2008 presidential election regardless of any other reason or issue will pronounce or renounce religious convictions. Every vote cast in this 2008 election will enable and promote abortion or it will be a vote to rescue the unborn from all distress. That is an undeniable fact and the plain simple truth. Most Christians identify them self with acts of rescue or protection of the defenseless and helpless from all distress. I have heard and seen Barack Obama and others proclaiming they are Christians. Barack Obama and others should know Christians will never be found with abortion blood on their hands.
I personally don’t know any Christian who hopes to enable or promote abortion as Barack Obama, and his supporters do. As far as I am concerned Barack Obama and other abortion promoters may be two-faced heathens or idiots and fools but no Christian will ever knowingly condone, support, or enable any abomiNation like abortion (America doesn’t want any stinking communist “ObamaNation”). The only things Obama will ever do militarily are surrender or get his self captured. Good luck finding any one to take an order from Commandeer and Chef Barack Obama. God Bless and save the United States of America.
“God Bless and Save Us all”

America and Americans deserve President John McCain! Today, right now, in this moment of all our lives, at this important pivotal juncture in American history, Americans finally have the golden opportunity of a lifetime. This is America’s one best chance to mandate and insure tangibility in truth, honesty, integrity, and moral conduct of our political representatives. Finally at long last a giant golden parachute built in America by Americans for Americans. Finally at long last in arms reach a worthy historical opportunity to bless our descendents with.
American citizen participants of the 2008 presidential election will have a rare historical opportunity to craft and achieve by their vote a consensus to prosecute prevalent corrupt conduct of political representatives. John McCain is the first and the only opportunity Americans have ever had to change the entrenched deviant political nature of Washington politics. John McCain with Governor Sarah Palin is an admirable and terrific means for saving America the cost of standard corruption in Washington. John McCain with Governor Sarah Palin will end conniving corrupt career politicians enriching them self with American prosperity and protection. America and Americans not only owe John McCain for services rendered, America and Americans have earned and deserve President John McCain.
I honestly believe as President John McCain with Vice President Sarah Palin will provide Americans what has been sorely needed for more than 40 years. John McCain has always been America’s only chance to defeat political corruption in Washington.
Now is the time for American’s to restore the great dream that is America. Vote to elect President John McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin. God Bless and save the United States of America.
“God Bless and Save Us all”

Democrat U.S. Representative John Murtha’s belligerent unmitigated gall accusing decent American voters of being too racist to support Obama is his self guilty of punishable abusive racism. It is an outrage to be maliciously maligned a racist by any despicable racist. U.S. Representative John Murtha and his democrat party’s true socialist political philosophy, their covert disdain for democracy and disregard for governing authority has until now remained deniable. U.S. Representative John Murtha’s reckless racist attacks clearly demonstrate his disdain for all Americans, American democracy, his true racist nature and clearly reveal the democrat party’s undeniable socialist sociopolitical identity. U.S. Representative John Murtha’s reckless racist attacks explain the democrat party’s Machiavellian conduct demonstrated by the Obama campaigned for the presidency. I think Americans have heard, seen, and had, enough deceitful iniquitous Machiavellian conduct to prosecute Murtha and his socialist party. There is no place for racism or communism of any kind in America. God Bless and save the United States of America. “God Bless and Save Us all”

Socialism vs. Capitalism: Which is the Moral System?
Morality is choice behavior;
Stinking communist “ObamaNation” that is no argument or choice! That is pure diluted delusional artificial philosophy.

Political Party Plank:
Gun control (i.e. gun confiscation) is a solid plank in the Democrat Party Platform. That means no matter what you think you have heard or what they promise, they will support every effort to confiscate every domestic gun. That is the plain simple truth.
God Bless and save the United States of America.
“God Bless and Save Us all”

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