This is really getting tiresome.

Found this link on Sexism Watch (ya gotta bookmark it):

Most women in all occupations, including ones of great power and influence, routinely take maternity leave, a minimum of six weeks. It's considered to be best for the mother and the baby. This is an incredibly important time for mothers and their babies to bond. What does it say about a woman who goes back to work on day three? Is this okay because she brings her baby with her? You cannot care for an infant at the same time you run the state of Alaska. You are either paying attention to the baby or to the state. Multi-tasking is not an asset here.
Have these people not got a CLUE?

Sarah Palin gave birth before her due date - about a month before. It's fair to say that she wasn't completely ready to go on maternity leave. She probably had loose ends to tie up.

So, she did what any responsible person would do if they found themselves unexpectedly sidelined - she took herself into work (probably NOT a full day), and started clearing off her desk. I'm guessing that she did that several times in the first week, then, realizing that she was healing faster that she anticipated, worked shorter hours, but continued going in.

I know about showing up at work while sub-par - I did so this week, still putting in a full day, despite having abdominal cramps, and a queasy stomach.

You do what you have to. You let people know you're not at top performance level, minimize movement and unnecessary activities, and chug along. Fortunately, I have WONDERFUL students this year, so it wasn't too bad. I managed.

Heck, I've worked through bronchitis, laryngitis, a BADLY sprained ankle (massive bruising and swelling - and my job involves a LOT of walking), car accident-caused back damage - happened on the way to school, can't get a sub that late, etc. I'm not unusual. A lot of life's work gets done by people who don't feel well.

Has it occurred to these hot-house flowers that MOMS do their work, whether they feel well - or not?

I'll bet Sarah Palin knows that.

As for that columnist's second point - that the new babe needed his mom. Yeah, duh! That's why Palin and women like me nurse - you have to be there, taking care of the baby. She's lucky to have a large family - unlike the Obamas.

Did you see the kids and husband step up to the plate during the convention? Trig was held in loving arms the entire time. That's what a family does. Any member can sub for another in a pinch (well, except for that nursing mother thing).

Wasn't that the feminist ideal?

Before they lost their way.


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