Does Barack Have a Clue He's Just Been Outmaneuvered?

Hillary has just managed to get Michigan & Florida's full delegates restored. Is that a problem for Obama? Oh, NO, because:
The credentials committee's work is expected to win ratification by the whole convention Monday.

Florida has 211 delegates, including superdelegates, and Michigan has 157. Both states are expected to be battlegrounds in the November election.

Restoring their voting rights increases the total number of delegate votes at the convention to 4,419. It will take 2,210 delegates to win the nomination.

Obama ended the primaries with a 365-delegate lead over Clinton. Reinstating the Florida and Michigan delegates will not affect that lead because Obama has more endorsements from the states' superdelegates.
Mercy me, he has the Superdelegate Endorsement! Like that can't change (and did, in his favor, during the primaries, when he seemed unstoppable).

Lemme see, 211 (FL) + 157 (MI) = 366, by my count (of course, I'm just a women - you know we don't do math well). Is it possible that the Hillary additional delegates add up to more than the Obama delegates? Oh, dear, I wish I had more testosterone, it would make these complicated math thingys so much easier!

Hmm - I think - 366 is a bigger number than 365. Would that mean we're in for a REAL EXCITING TIME?

I hope so. This could be fun. Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea, all speaking before Obama hits the stage. Of course (mock serious face), they'll be praising Obama non-stop, not subtly finagling for a groundswell movement to vote Hillary in.

I love the smell of a back-room deal in the making!


Kat said…
One could only hope that it would be that interesting. However the Dems will be the lemmings they are, stick to their new messiah and have an uneventful convention. Now I am just waiting for the big implosion of the whole Obama campaign.

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