Improving Your Facebook Blog Rank

I joined Facebook, at the invitation of a friend in the Pajamas Media, with which I am associated. My kids thought it was cool, and, for a time, it mostly served to get in contact with friends and cousins I had lost touch with. Yes, my friends & family are mostly as geeky as I am.

Recently, I've been playing around with the Blog Networks app, and it occurred to me that people could use some introduction to the ways of using it to improve your blog's stats.

  1. You want to claim any blogs you have. To do this, sign up for the app, and Add a Blog (yours). Search for blogs with similar characteristics - you will want to join their network.

    At first, I just looked at the Top Blogs, but what you want to do is specifically look for blogs like yours. The Browse Blogs feature allows you to zoom in on the topics you want, then check them out. This brings up the Top 50. My strategy is to go down to the bottom of the Top 50, and, methodically, take a good look at them.

    Using this method, I found Opinions You Should Have,
    a post on a funny take on the election wrangling of Hillary & Barack. I joined the Blog Network, and contacted the author, via Facebook.

    What did I gain through these actions? I added many friends who also use the Blog Network. You will gain access to their News Feed, which gives you an update on what they are thinking (and blogging about).

    More importantly, I gave me a potential audience for MY blog - you don't think that those whose network you join will then join YOUR network (and become YOUR friend)? Why is that important?

  2. Facebook is a linking application. It's exponential. For every person you add, another link is created. Facebook sends you names of people who you MIGHT want to be friends with, based on these links. It's cumulative.

  3. The Blog Networks app is displaying, on the Home page of their app, what are essentially blog ads. The trick is, at this time, they're only displaying those with 15+ members. Hence, work to get enough of those members to be shown. (The number needed may change - touch back with the app to make sure you qualify).

  4. You'll want to have yourself claimed as the author. That requires 10 confirmations. What does that do? It makes it more difficult for someone else to claim ownership of the blog - it's an anti-spam device. It's a minor inconvenience, which may change in time.

  5. Keep active in this app. You'll want to make a point of checking back frequently, as the app is still evolving. Mention it on your blog, and add a link to the Facebook app on your blog - you never know who reads your blog, who might also be a Facebook fan. Think of it as an alternative way to syndicate your blog.

Via this app, I found other blogs: Blogs for Victory, Ft. Hard Knocks, & Truth and Reasoning, to name a few.


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