Immigration Update

Would someone yank this guy's law license? He obviously missed the classes on what constitutes a crime.

Meanwhile, let's here it for Postville, IA citizens, who will be demonstrating this Saturday (July 27), for enforcement of the immigration laws.

It may be hard for citizens of other countries to understand, but Americans take laws seriously. As we, through our constitutional processes, have a say in what laws are enacted (usually!), we have a stake in their enforcement.

In other countries, laws are felt to be an impediment to one's life; unimportant, and arbitrary. Violation of a law is to be dealt with, not by fines, imprisonment, and public disgrace, but by payment of money, to "make it go away".


I'm increasingly concerned, as a science teacher, about the extent to which unvaccinated aliens may jeopardize the American health. Not that American chuckleheads who refuse to vaccinate their children aren't a problem, but I'm happy when the regulations keep out aliens who may potentially spread lethal diseases.

Especially polio - it's making a comeback in the 3rd world, in part due to propaganda that suggests the vaccine is an EVIL plot by the US government against Muslims.


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