I ran across this article about CA's legalization of "medical marijuana" laws. I put the quotes in there, because it's a B^!!$#&@ way to get public approval of the issue - FEW of the users and growers have medical conditions.

Drew Carey is one of the vocal supporters - hey, Drew, been getting the munchies too often lately? You're beginning to look like Shamu - AFTER she OD'd on pot.

This is one of my favorite soapboxes. The legalization crowd is a mixture of overgrown Deadheads, Libertarians, commercial pot growers, sophomores (both HS and college), and naives. The arguments, to them, sound so straightforward - just legalize the growing and use of small amounts for medical conditions, and the drug problem is solved.

Simple, heh?

Not as simple as those who buy this nonsense.

Folks, there is no easy solution to the drug problem. Legalization just allows the "first-rung" user to escape the consequences of their decision to break the law. The medical rationalization is bogus - if marijuana were a legal drug trying to get approval, it would be soundly rejected. The "evidence" in favor of it is all anecdotal. Studies have been done, but no medical benefit can be shown.


420 Guy said…
You claim that all the evidence supporting medicinal marijuana is anecdotal, well I disagree and could point out a few studies that soundly demonstrate the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and several others that demonstrate potential medicinal uses, but lets ignore that. Can you provide citation of any studies that show any danger from marijuana use that is not anecdotal?

As for your "first-rung" statement, I am assuming you are talking about the so called "gateway drug" theory that has been debunked for decades now.

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