A Temporary Lull

For once, politics isn't the main headline in news. Unless you count Ted Kennedy's seizure as politics (I don't).

The recent disasters top the news:
China's death toll is officially over 30,000 - and is expected to rise over the next few days. With family sizes being so restricted over the last 50 years, few have other relatives to lend emotional support.

The Everglades are already experiencing massive fires - I'm wondering what the remainder of the dry season will bring.

CNN has a site urging people to assist the victims in Myanmar. I'm very sorry for the people who have suffered from the cyclone, but the death toll wouldn't be so high if the government hadn't stopped organizations from assisting, and stolen some of the aid for use by its armed forces.

We can't provide aid that we know will not reach the people for whom it's intended. Soft-hearted people did that before - in Ethiopia. Little of the aid reached the starving people - it was left to rot in warehouses, while people were deliberately starved for political purposes.

Personally, I'm re-arranging my schedule to allow me to attend a memorial service for my father's brother next Saturday. So many of the people who knew me when I was young are dying. My DH and I are making plans to shoot some video this summer, and leave our memories for our children and grandchildren.

In politics, Obama is facing up to the fact that he may only get a small sub-set of the White vote. Even though he captures about 85-90% of the Black vote, he will find it difficult to be elected President without the support of those who (as of today) make up a majority of the population.

Hillary is plugging away - it's what she does best. She's like a little Energizer Bunny - she keeps going, and going, and going. I really don't think she'll be satisfied with 2nd place.


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