Oh, Come On - It Was An Offhand Reference

This campaign season, for the Democrats, seems to be heading for a serious blood-letting. Let's not forget, that's one way for parties to become extinct.

What does this prove?

Despite some - ahem - ERRORS with dates and facts in the past, Hillary generally has a good sense of when events in the 20th century happened. She remembers, like most of us do, by associating an event with a time. Unlike me, she doesn't stop to think, "let's see - that's when Danny fell and got 5 stitches" - instead, she remembers by linking to a particular event of significance to her - the Kennedy assassination.

Obama is questioned about the comment. He dismisses it as "a mistake", and says magnanimously, "I'm going to put it behind me".

Oh, thank you, Saint Obama! You're offhandedly suggesting that it was a grave error, but you're prepared to rise above it.

There is NO reason for you, or your campaign, to take it as a veiled threat. It was a minor remark. Get over yourself.

In a side note, watch the video - he has this habit of nodding his head while being questioned. It's like the salesman head bob - signifying agreement with what you're saying. He looks like an Obama Bobblehead.


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