The Neilsen Ratings

In all the excitement of our car accident, I forgot to mention our latest brush with destiny - we are now a Neilsen Family!

Yes, it's true. The Neilsen Media company contacted us, and have selected us to be one of the families who log (that's LOG, not BLOG) our TV habits. We have 2 logs, one for each TV in the house, and are to enter data every day.

I really hope they're aren't disappointed at the paucity of entries. I seldom watch TV, preferring to be on the computer, reading, or outdoors. My husband, OTOH, is the ideal TV watcher. If he's home, the TV is on. His whole family is like that. Once, when I was dating him, I was in the house by myself. When the TV show was over, I turned off the TV. His mother sought me out, and asked "why did you turn off the TV?" I was dumbfounded, and replied, "because the show I was watching was over". She told me that I should never turn off the TV (apparently, it's a bad thing to turn TVs off and on; but I think she just liked the noise in the house).


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